Gatherings, Festivals, Summits & Events

Festival season is afavorite of mine, where warm hearted people can gather in nature and share common interests.

I am happy to share the heart opening experience of Quantum Liberation.
The love and goodwill that permeates these gatherings make them so special to me.

Tamara Messenger Welcome @ Festival 2017 from Tamara Messenger on Vimeo.

During summer festivals, summits or events I usually offer:

A large group workshop
Daily healing circles
One on one healing sessions per appointment.

The workshop help us bust through the limitation that we have put upon ourselves without even knowing it.

What if you dared … welcoming your deepest fears into your heart… in the blink of an eye?
What if integrating your fears could be a loving and peaceful experience?
What if this had the power to completely and utterly change your reality?

I invite you to blow your mind and drop into your loving heart. Together we have the power to jump realities.

During the Quantum Liberation meditation workshop, you will learn a simple but very effective take-home tool to help you transcend the limits you put upon yourself. We will explore and dissolve the limiting programming you have inherited, and reconnect you to the true vibration of your essence.

Expect to shed a substantial part of your mind chatter, to let go of limitations and drop into the brilliance of your heart.

I am honored to introduce you to Quantum Liberation, together with the Quantum Liberators’ Tribe members who have chosen to come to the festival to support you all during this workshop.

The Quantum Liberators’ Tribe is composed of people like you, who have answered the call to reconnect with their spirit and their heart and have engaged in a process to fully free themselves of inner programming.

For more information on this program, come ask me during the event


And as a special gift to you to help you gear up the energy before the gathering and to land softly after, by nurturing this wonderful energy I am offering you group healings in a web conference.  Please look at the calendar page to register.

Pre-registration is required to participate in the group healings.

You will need to download the Zoom software in order to participate with your webcam.
You can also call in from your telephone.

And of course, private sessions are available

With all my love,