Empath but... centered and zen!

How to stop being an emotional sponge even if everyone around you is anxious, sad or stressed?

How can you be strong and naturally protected so that you do not absorb other people's energy... without having to shield and protect yourself?

Quantum Liberation is the answer you have been looking for if you are a super sensitive empath, free thinker, right brain creative, and warm hearted lovey dovey peace keeper.

How can the burden of your empathy become your greatest strength

How can you free yourself from heavy emotional baggage with ease and grace?

How can you be a hypersensitive empath, without absorbing other people’s energy?

Participate in this series of web-based group liberations in order to find out!  You will be amazed at the effect it will have on you.

-> If you avoid crowded events, subway or shopping malls because you feel drained by crowds…

->   If you suffer from being an empath instead of feeling empowered by it…
->   If you have trouble discerning between your own desires or emotions and that of others…
->   If you loose yourself when in relationship with others…

And you don’t feel like spending years fixing it with traditional methods…

This group liberation will help you.  It is a process I have developed thanks to over 15 years experience.  The process has been tried and used successfully for all hypersensitive empaths, in order to start reimpowering yourself.

You will benefit from :

   Several group healings to make sure you are freed from the energetic phenomenon of being an emotional sponge.

  A super efficient emotional tool, the Heart Flash that will allow you to start welcoming and transmuting your emotions with the energy of your heart.
Any resistances you may have to the liberation and transmutation process, any doubts, fears or skepticism will be treated and released.  You do not need to “feel ready” to let go. Part of the group liberation will instill intuitive energetic downloads which will give you what you need in order to not absorb other people’s energy any more.


It can seem incredible that a way of being that has created so many hardships in your life can dissolve quickly. Your ego would like to think that it is very complicated, so that nothing changes.  The ego is in charge of survival, not emotional well being.  The truth is that patterns can be let go of quickly and profoundly, with the new energies that are at our disposal.

After this group liberation, participants have reported being able to:

√   Feel other people’s emotions, physical sensations without absorbing them

√    Stay centered and keeping one’s energetic integrity

√    Keep one’s energy, without being regularly drained

√    Use the Heart Flash in order to resolve other issues in their lives.

You say it best:

All testimonials are translated from French. The originals can be seen on:


This last group liberation made me aware that I am fully responsible for my choice of getting out of being an Emotional Sponge. And that it could be simple, efficient and that the power resided in me!
(after being trained in Quantum Liberation) I realised that beyond absorbing people's energy, it was actually the patterns of being a codependant victim that were directing my life.
That was a major revelation for me!
Whether it is in my close relationships or in group situations, I am now much more in my personal space and in my energetic integrity. I do not feel exhausted as I used to after being in a crowd. I am also more capable of staying in contact with myself. I can feel secure in my own energy bubble so as to be unaffected by the emotions of people who are dear to me. What a relief!
This workshop has allowed me to find again the path to my energetic and emotional autonomy, as well as become responsible for it, with ease and grace.
It is a real gift that has allowed me to become confident in myself and open myself to the relation to others with self respect.
Thank you Tamara for this treasure that you are allowing us to to access!

Hi Tamara,
Here is my feedback about the group liberation to "Stop being an Emotional Sponge". It is way better now, I am most often in my own energetic bubble and I have the reflex to use the Heart Flash you taught us. I've had a couple of times, the opportunity to be with difficult people and felt way calmer than before. Next step will be to be able to converse calmly with them!
I use your technique on other older issues as well.
Thank you and talk to you soon!

Hi Tamara,
Here is a little feedback on the group liberation to "Stop being an emotional sponge."
After the group liberation, I felt a bit "empty" for a few days, I didn't know anymore what I wanted or needed... but little by little, I came back to my Self. I spent some time alone at first, then I was noticed that in my work I had become much more anchored in Self than ever before... I am a personal care assistant and I used to end each day feeling totally drained... Today, thanks to the group liberation, I am noticing that I am able to keep my energy and better choose how I share it. I am not feeling overwhelmed as I did before. I also noticed it during a family get together that used to drain me completely!!
It is amazing!
Thank you so very much for this liberation!
Talk to you soon!

Hi Tamara,
I have just listened to your presentation webinar and bought the online course to Stop Being an Emotional Sponge. I wanted to thank you for sharing this with all empaths who are still absorbing other people's energy.
This has given me lots of new awarenesses and has shed a light on my path since childhood.
Thank you for those powerful and useful tools that you are offering.
Thank you also for all the experiences and "suffering" you went through in order to help raise humanity's consciousness.
Have a wonderful evening,

Participate in the group liberations in order to keep your emotional energy and start becoming an empowered empath.

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