Quantum Liberation in service to the wisdom of the heart.

Why do the inner work to free ourself?

Freeing ourselves from inner blocages allows us to:

  • escape suffering,
  • feel happy and alive,
  • break repeating patterns and events,
  • find our rightful place in life and our own path,
  • guide our body to the self-healing point,
  • master our own life,
    make the best choices for ourselves,
  • open ourselves to a world filled with love, collaboration and kindness…

Where do our reactions come from?

We all adopt behavioral habits in order to respond to our parents’ expectations and obtain the love and attention we need. We are either going to become “A student” or a “good girl” or a “savior” etc.
Problems start to arise when we do not get the positive response we expected, as we will then make general decisions based on these events.

For exemple:

It won’t be a decision to “not draw on walls in order to avoid Mummy being angry” but a decision to “stiffle all my creative impulses as my survival depends on it.” It won’t be a decision to “not talk to strangers” but a decision to “avoid contact with all men.”

We format ourselves so much that we start forgetting who we really are. These types of decision stiffle us and prevent us from recognizing our desires or following our creatives impulses. They get programmed as a go-to automatic behavior in our subconscious limbic brain.

These subconscious programming dictate ALL our choices.

Science is starting to uncover the predominant role our inconscious has in all decision making processes. Brain scans have shown that a decision is made by the subconscious a fraction of a second before we have the first conscious thought about it. 90% of our decisions and choices are based on subconscious automatic programming that we made in early childhood or inherited from our ancestors or society.

Some automatic programming are useful, such as remembering how to tie shoes, but others keep us in inappropriate emotional loops and prevent us from going forward.

We keep our wounds and automatic reactions because we think that it is normal to react like that, that the situation warrants it or that it is the best solution.

We can keep going like this for a long long time, living our lives with the eery feeling that something is missing, with the stress of having to fit in… until the time we finally CHOOSE THE GREAT CHANGE.

It might show up as a burnout, a illness or a depression… it might happen after getting fired, having the urge to change path, getting divorced or after loosing someone. Some people will just bear the circumstances and let them dominate them. They will not review their choices and question themselves. We see them deadening inside or getting bitter and irritable with age.

Others decide to take matters in their own hand: “I CANNOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS, SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!”

Outer or Inner Change?

Some people will blame circumstances or other people. They will try to create outer change only, by changing partners, type of work or moving away. Most often, they will recreate the insatisfaction that existed in their lives.

We have to learn to give a second attention to our thoughts, our emotional reaction and everything that creates suffering in our lives.

If you are reading this page, you have already understood that the most EFFICIENT and most PROFOUND way to effect lasting change in your life is to re-examine all the subconscious decisions and programming. It is called the SECOND ATTENTION in the Toltec path. You are one of the courageous love-warriors who dare to question their conditionning, their thougths and their familial inheritance.

As you continue on this path, the suffering and stress will dissolve. Joy, peace and connection will replace them. You will start to create your life as artist of the spirit, following your heart’s guidance.

The best healing tools are nothing without awareness
Being mentored, (before or after training workshops) helps accelerate awareness of what needs to be let go.

Only inner change creates lasting change.

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Finding a most powerful tool for inner change

Once we choose to do the “inner work” we then have to choose a method. I have made the choice from the beginning to go on a quest for the most efficient way of clearing patterns. I keep on asking Source, in my meditation, to be shown the most efficient way to liberate people for the highest good of all.

Don Miguel’s lineage brings a non dual teaching of the path of Love, very similar to all other ancestral wisdom. It is always about going back to intuition, following our heart and freeing ourselves from beliefs. After having been a personal apprentice to don Miguel and having taught the Toltec path for many years, I received a series of “intuitive downloads” that created the bases of a new healing method.

Quantum Liberation is a method:

  • in partnership with the universal energy. There is manipulation of your energy or imposition of our will.
  • in constant evolution with an ongoing quest for fluidity and love.
  • that becomes a way of life, an “art of the spirit” connected to universal energy and the energy of love.

Beyond being a very efficient energy healing method, Quantum Liberation also becomes a new way of living, simply and naturally.
Difficulties become a golden opportunity to learn life’s lessons immediately and to joyously dissolve the root causes of our difficulties.

Life becomes a game of creation, change, liberation and re-creation in a more aligned manner. Mistakes no longer exists. We become co-creators, 100% responsible, without blame or reproach.

We live connected to our Source of inner guidance (also called Universal Quantum Energy Field) thanks to which we can recenter ourselves quickly.

This method allows us to free all emotions and blocages. To this day we are still pushing back the limits of what we thought possible.

Whether it is about specific emotions, a physical problem or a psychological one, Quantum Liberation can make it better with surprising speed. It is really amazing!

It is not necessary to know where the problem comes from or to understand it in order to liberate it. This is even more surprising and allows us to gain considerable time.