Private sessions

Private sessions happen over the phone, skype or video conferencing with Zoom.
Tamara can hear people’s thoughts, blockages and patterns, as well as feel people’s pain and emotions.

She can also feel energy moving.

She has an uncanny ability to unmask resistances, zoom in to the root of issues.


Private sessions are therefore a great help in moving forward and resolving issues.

Tamara also takes on a select few people to mentor throughout the year. 
The aim of the mentoring is to:
– accompany you through your life issues and major transitions
– uproot your belief systems that creates havock in your life
– teach you and help you become autonomous in your inner journey.
This is not a decision to rush into as the process takes a minimum of 9 months.

A few private sessions must be taken with Tamara before considering applying for the mentoring.

To book an appointment please contact Tamara on whatsapp at +33782994066