Quantum Liberation

Connection, Expansion and Freedom in a Heart Flash

Free yourself from inner conditioning, deep blockages, familial heritage, survival reaction… with a powerful new method.

If you would like to :

– step off the emotional roller coaster,
– find your inner playful child again,
– feel free to create your life,
or simply be happy…

Quantum Liberation, simple, powerful and fluid, accompanies you at each moment.

Quantum Liberation represents the best of both worlds: ancestral Toltec wisdom and an innovative, efficient, simple and fluid new method to free up inner blockages.

Tamara Messenger is one of the advanced “Toltec Dreaming” path mentors of don Miguel Ruiz. She teaches it in conjunction with Quantum Liberation, the liberation tool she has developed.

Free Introduction to Quantum Liberation

The easiest way to discover Quantum Liberation is to participate in interactive live webinars (free web based group healings).  They are given each month on different themes.
There are also introductory workshops in person in Paris and different locations events.

And of course, you can skip the introductory step and make an appointment for a private session right away.


Level 1

This training will teach you all the basics processes of Quantum Liberation, so that you can become autonomous in connecting to Source and liberating yourself.

 Lots of exercices and practice to teach you the tools and tricks that will speed up your inner journey, as well as the traps of the mind to avoid.

Level 2

This workshop is only accessible after a period of practising level 1. It will teach you the do’s and dont’s of doing sessions on others as well as the “global method” which makes our connection and our liberations very fluid. We become Artists of the Spirit.

Events coming up soon


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