Level 1 training

Are you yearning for more authenticity, yet find yourself time and again, pretending, in order to appease or fit in?

Are you convinced that the outer reality closely mirrors your inner world, but you do not know how to shift it rapidly?

Are you ready to become a beacon of peace and love, radiating the new world you wish to live in, rather than being swayed by the current turmoil?

This is the place for you!

If you would like to:
Free yourself profoundly and rapidly, joyfully…
Quantum jump into a new reality …
Open up your heart to feel loved and connected…
Know that you are incarnating your highest potential…
All of this awaits you once you’ve freed yourself from your wounds and conditioning.

Quantum Liberation is meant to be fast and fluid, in order to be used daily in any circumstances, so as to allow us to be autonomous and live connected.

Learning Quantum Liberation is possible. It is open to all and can become your new way of being.

Next training starting June 10 over 7 LIVE online Zoom Sessions

Once you have learned the basic foundations of Quantum Liberation, you will be able to free yourself by yourself.

Daily issues, self-sabotage, difficult situations or annoying people will become your allies instead of obstacles.
Stress becomes an awareness tool instead of something to calm down.
Your inner compass will get attuned. Your path will become clearer and easier to follow. Making decisions will come from your heart and intuition peacefully and clearly.

Your personal truth springs from within you, without outside influences, away from dogma.
The feeling of isolation will become replaced by a profound feeling of interconnection, support and collaboration.
Hypersensitivity, Empathy and Intuition become great forces onto which you learn to rely, instead of functioning despite them.

Conditioning and beliefs dissolve, freeing up your energy, your authenticity, aliveness and happiness.

The peaceful and reassuring vibration of your heart will start to be felt around you, radiating outward and impacting positively people close to you as well as passerby. Your positive influence will grow as you continue this joyous and courageous inner work.

What you will learn to liberate yourself:

  • How to connect to Source
  • How to use the flow of your heart’s energy
  • Recognize and dissolve the traps of self-sabotage
  • Erase the automatic programmed reactions of the survival brain (paralysis, dissociation, helplessness, avoidance, attack, addiction…)
  • How not to repeat “mistakes” but learn life’s lessons immediately
  • Transcend familial patterns
  • Liberate your karma
  • Allow your body to get to the self-healing point
By far the most powerful and splendidly simple technique of connecting directly to the Source of All that Is, to co-create the reality you desire to live in.
James Palombo

Who is it for?

You can learn how to become autonomous on your path with a method which is very effective, allows us to become lighter, deprogram ourselves at the deepest levels and become again shining with love… all the whilst having fun.

Learning Quantum Liberation is not only possible, it is open to all and can change your life forever!

You can be at the very start of your personal journey or even be cut off from your emotions… Quantum Liberation will save you many years of “working on yourself”. You do not have to have special powers. Your intuition and ability to feel will develop at their own rythm, as you emerge from the invisible prison of inner conditioning.


If being able to feel your own emotions, to recognize them and express them is unfamiliar to you this paragraph is written for you:
For some people (and I was part of them) keeping emotions under control, dissociating from our feelings or repressing them was a question of survival when we were growing up.

During the workshop, you will learn how to free, welcome and dissolve all your repressed emotions. It happens that someone is so impatient, that all their repressed emotions will rush to the surface as fast as possible in order to be dissolved. In which case, it is possible that you will undergo a phase of emotional roller-coaster after the workshop. It is only a phase.
As you continue to use and apply what you have learned during the workshop, you will feel more stable and more centered in yourself.
If you feel a great pull to learn Quantum Liberation, trust yourself, you are in the right place!

You’ve already done years and years of inner work on yourself, and some things still feel stuck?
Or… you are a little Elf who already intuitively knows how to connect to Source but is not sure how to use that connection to the best?

You can well on your way, have already several years of meditation, tools and methods under your belt… Quantum Liberation will help you speed up your inner journey and bring a sense of lightness and love to your inner work.
 After you get practiced at it, you will see that the need to analyse and talk it over is no longer there… with Quantum Liberation, you often only need to become aware of the issue and your reaction to it in order to liberate it. It is fast and very profound.


You already know how to use your connection to Source?
You already practice an energy healing method?
You are a seasoned healer with years of practice?

Lots of experienced practitioners come to learn Quantum Liberation.
Quantum Liberation will allow you to:

  •  free up persistant patterns that you can’t seem to transcend despite years of work on yourself

  • stay in the flow, the expansion zone

  • understand why some clients seem stuck in their suffering… and to know what needs to be done to help free themselves

  • transcend the need for protection mechanisms (walling off, armoring etc) or repeated clearings (cutting cords, taking out entities) by deeply changing our inner paradigm

  • have healing sessions that are fun and joyous whilst being efficient and profound

  • identify resistance to change and inner saboteurs that stop our personal evolution

If you have the feeling that your life’s mission is to help with the evolution of the human consciousness, by helping them reconnect to their essence, their heart and Source… then this workshop is especially for you!

What happens during a workshop?

Quantum Liberation can be done in person or at a distance. There are no need for a special posture, or specific environment. We generally sit on chairs, for convenience’s sake, but I have seen students practice QL while walking around, lying down or standing on their heads.

We take our work very seriously but do not take ourselves seriously. Humour, goodwill, intuition and compassion are invited!

This is a practice that allows us to connect to the infinite power that exists within each one of us, wherever we are, whatever the circumstances. There are lots of practical exercices during the workshop, to help you become autonomous in your relationship to your inner power and Source’s energy. We will also have some time for explanations, questions and answers.

Friday evening (18:30 to 21h)
The first evening is devoted to learning how to connect to Source as well as letting go of the doubts, fears and resistance associated to doing so, in order to help your connection become fluid and natural.

Saturday (9:30 to 18h)
You will learn how to use your connection for yourself on all levels (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical). The goal of this day is to give you the tools you learn your life’s lessons on a daily basis (instead of repeating mistakes), to dissolve pain causing mechanisms, beliefs and patterns in yourself.

Sunday (9:30 to 18h)
Sunday we focus on learning how to co-create what we truly want and how to open our heart to receiving love fully… how to fully align ourselves with what our heart desires: abundance, love and bringing projects to fruition. All of what you truly desire is within your reach. It is your inner conditioning that keep you stuck in an unwanted reality. It is not about the law of attraction or visualisation, which focus on creating a specific object of desire. Rather, it is about letting the true nature of our deepest desires in order to attract them naturally to us.


How to register

To register:

For more information, please call Tamara on whatsapp +33782994066

Payment options:

Full payment : 297€ total (80 € deposit + 217 € full payment at the workshop

Payment plan: 350€ total (usually as 80€ deposit + 3 payments of 90€).
Other possibilities of payment plan upon agreement with Tamara. 

Register now by cliking the paypal button below AND by contacting Tamara.

Follow up after the workshop:

Most of healing methods offer a tool but do not offer any follow up. The Quantum Liberation tribe gathers all people who are practicing, whether they are just starting out or have been practiced for a long time, so that you can exchange, have momentum and ask questions.

There are:

  • a dedicated Facebook group, where you can ask questions or find people to practice alongside with or exchange sessions with.
  • a web conference every month where I answer any questions you may have and do a group practice
  • an individual mentorship is possible. Space is limited.
  • individual sessions can be scheduled as well, to help you go over a hump in a specific subject.